Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Announcement to Battir community

25 May 2011, Battir
Announcement to Battir community:

in the framework of the project Management and Conservation of Natural and Cultural Resources of the Bethlehem Governatorate: Battir Landscape Ecomuseum
(BET Ch 032 09)

The staff of the Battir Landscape Ecomuseum office invites the inhabitants of Battir to the presentation of the training program for ecomuseum guides and facilitators that will be held in Battir Landscape ecomuseum Office in Battir, Dar el Bader, on Sunday 5th June at 3 pm.

The training program for ecomuseum guides and facilitators is implemented in the framework of the project for the realization of an Ecomuseum of Landscape in Battir, currently in progress under the umbrella of the PSMP program of the Italian cooperation and with the UNESCO Ramallah Office scientific supervision.

Direct beneficiaries of the training program will be 6 to 8 Battir citizens, gender balanced, between the age of 20 and 40 years, preferably unemployed or partially employed. People with good knowledge of the local natural environment and of traditional cultural knowledge and practices and with good communication skills will be favored in the selection process.

The training will start at the end of June and will be developed along 6 months, for a total of 60 days of training, articulated in different thematic units focused on different aspects of natural and cultural landscape safeguarding and valorization through initiatives of sustainable tourism.

The different training units will be composed of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 14 days, for a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 hours per day. Each unit will be conducted in Battir by different Palestinian and International experts and will consist of theoretic as well as workshop sessions.

The main topics covered by the main training units are:
- Team and cooperative learning, participatory and facilitation methods
- Natural environment protection and education
- Knowing and safeguarding the natural heritage of Battir territory: local flora and fauna
- Valorizing local natural and cultural heritage through eco-cultural sustainable tourism initiatives and best practices
- Documenting and valorizing intangible and tangible cultural landscape heritage: approaches, methods and techniques
- Knowing and discovering Battir Archaeological heritage
- Welcoming, accommodating and assisting the visitors of the Ecomuseum

The selection of the 6 to 8 beneficiaries of the training program for ecomuseum guides and facilitators will follow the steps listed below:
1. Presentation of the training and pre-registration of the interested citizens (5 June)
2. Online registration of candidates (6-13 June)
3. Pre-selection of candidates (14-17 June)
4. Final selection: interviews (18 and 19 June)

For any further information you may require don’t hesitate to contact the Battir Landscape Ecomuseum project’s manager assistant Saja Shami and the facilitator Mohammad Obaidallah, calling or visiting us in our office in Dar el Bader, Battir main Road, every day except Friday from 11 am to 3 pm

Battir Landscape Ecomuseum Project Office
Dar el Bader, Battir village, main roadTel: 02 2763509 

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